Our work broadly fall into three main categories:

Is my product or service attractive to a US buyer/user? Who am I competing with in the US and how do I differentiate? Which parts of our European Strategy should we replicate and what should we avoid?


Our work includes:

  • Real time feedback from US buyers and users in your target market
  • Primary and secondary research on competitors
  • In depth review on any existing go to market, fundraising materials

Which segments of the market are best to target first? What are the best and less obvious channels to get to my target customers? Who are the best-fit US investors for European businesses?If I don’t want to build everything in house, who are the most value-addpartners to augment my team in PR, Marketing, Sales etc.?

Our work includes:

  • Go to Market Strategy with key milestones and KPI’s
  • Creation of US focused investor materials
  • Sourcing best fit partners for space, legal, financial, marketing, PR

How do I raise visibility without breaking the marketing budget? Who are the key under the radar influencers? Where should I look to find the best hires as I build my team?

Our work includes:

  • Initial grass roots marketing, building awareness through our own influential networks and tribes
  • Facilitating key introductions to decision makers, investors, influencers
  • Initial outreach for hires within our networks from top US universities, young high growth start ups and corporates

Our partners in the US can help on the ground with: legal, operational, tax, immigration, business development and sales, PR, HR, events and more